Freedom Calvary Soak

Posted: January 30, 2016 in Devotional, Rhyme and Melody, Rhythm

These are some of our originals designed to help facilitate a contemplative peaceful mood for entering into a time of prayer with the Lord.  Recorded, mixed and mastered by AcousticPraise at Pondystu, Pueblo CO

Freedom Calvary Soak


Kyle, Sarah and I had a blast playing at an open mic the other night in Pueblo, Colorado.  The night was especially fun as many people from all backrounds and persuasions had the opportunity to express their creativity.  It also became apparent to me that as Jesus loved the people of His community, so to we have that opportunity to express His love to our community.  I played parts of 3 of my original songs, Sanctify, Gizmo and Isaiah 12 all of which were inspired as an expression of my walk with the Lord.  It hit me that this is a real way to be salt and light to our community.  Thus we are “calling all Christian creatives” to open mics to “spress myself” (as Stevie Ray Vaughn would say) and allow the Holy Spirit in you, to become the Holy Spirit released through you.  The Lord will take it from there…

Colossians 3:16; Worship as teaching

Posted: December 13, 2014 in Devotional

Oftentimes we experience worship devotionally or experientially.  In this verse Paul reminds the Colossians that Psalms, hymns and spiritual songs can be used to admonish and teach.  How can that happen?  As we focus on the words and messages of the songs, we can be reminded of theological truth, challenged to grow or work through a struggle in the power of God or be reminded of God’s presence in our daily lives.  Next time you are in a worship service, concentrate on the message of the song and not just it’s sound.  See what it teaches.

A nice appraoch to key modulation…

Posted: August 30, 2014 in Theory

Using direct step, a common chord or a common note between keys, transitions can be made…

At the risk of over simplifying an approach to this lead and what it taught me about the above mentioned theory, the song by Eric Johnson, High Landrons, is a great study in at least 3 pentatonic minor shapes, some passing tones and the lydian Mode.  The song (on the studio recording from the album entitled Ah Via Musicom), is in A flat minor (B is relative major). and the lead morphs to the 4 (E lydian).  The vintage live versions are not as precise as the studio recording (well worth the price of the download) but give a good look at the feel of this song.